Helping children and young people acquire lifeskills.

The Lifeskills Education and Alcohol Foundation (LEAF) is a charity, established in 2014 to help children and young people acquire the life skills they need to navigate safely a world of mixed messages about alcohol and other risks.


About us

LEAF is a new charity set up to help children and young people acquire the lifeskills they need. [Read more]

How we work

The Foundation will receive funding from a range of sources, including, but not limited to the alcohol industry, for the sole and exclusive purpose of supporting evidence-based alcohol prevention and lifeskills education programmes in schools in England. [Read more]

What we fund

LEAF funds the delivery of evidence-based lifeskills and alcohol education programmes in schools, prioritising those schools in areas disproportionately affected by alcohol harm. [Read more]

The charity was established as a result of work undertaken by the Public Health Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network (RDAN). This group, with representatives from across health, academia and alcohol industry have been working with Department of Health officials to consider how best to reduce the harms caused by alcohol misuse.

Our Process

01 / Our Independence 

LEAF’s independence from its funders and other influencers is of the upmost importance to us. [Read more]

02 / Our Trustees

LEAF’s trustees have been appointed for their objective and independent lifeskills, educational and specialist experience. [Read more]

03 / Our Funding

LEAF has been established with an initial investment of £250,000 through a Responsibility Deal pledge to support lifeskills education in schools. [Read more]

04 / Our Governance

LEAF is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. [Read more]

‘All children should develop the sorts of life skills that will enable them to steer a safe and healthy path through to adulthood. At LEAF, our aim is to find the best way to achieve that’

–  Neil Dube, Chair of Trustees, LEAF

LEAF supports evidence-based alcohol prevention and lifeskills education programmes in schools in England.’

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