About LEAF

Our vision is that children and young people gain the life skills and qualities they need to make safe decisions about alcohol and other risks.

Our mission is that evidence-based life skills education is available in all schools.

About LEAF
LEAF is an independent organisation, committed to funding evidence-based life skills and alcohol education programmes in schools. We will:
– evaluate these activities so we can contribute to the evidence base and champion the approaches that work best;
– influence the quality of life skills education by disseminating the evidence and outcomes from existing programmes;
– improve the quality of school practice by raising awareness of new programmes to those working with young people;
– champion our ground-breaking management model which makes sure more money goes to young peoples’ life skills education, independent of influence from vested interests.

About the LEAF programme
The aims of our programme are that:
– young people should have the understanding, skills and confidence to be able to make positive safe choices about alcohol;
– schools use evidence-based approaches to life skills and alcohol education and share their experiences with others;
– schools have the understanding and confidence to choose and deliver appropriate, evidence-based and impactful programmes.

About LEAF impact
LEAF will reduce the harm to young people caused by a negative relationship with alcohol. As a consequence of its life skills approach to this, LEAF will also contribute to:
– increases in educational attainment
– improvements in physical and mental health and wellbeing
– reductions in  involvement in crime
– better equipping young people for employment

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