Tackling alcohol misuse and the harm it causes are central to ensuring a healthy population and are a key concern across Government departments. The Responsibility Deal (Alcohol Network: RDAN) is one approach bringing together representatives from health, academia and industry. This coalition seeks to identify and address practical means to improve alcohol health. One initiative of the RDAN is intended to provide funds to school-based interventions with the intention of improving children’s life-skills.

The Department of Health launched the Public Health Responsibility Deal in March 2011 to tap into the potential for businesses to improve public health through their influence over food, physical activity, alcohol, and health in the workplace.  The Responsibility Deal alcohol network (RDAN) bringing together representatives from health, academia and the alcohol industry and around 125 alcohol manufacturers, retailers, bars and pubs have made commitments to help people drink within the CMO’s guidelines. Importantly, the alcohol industry can use their technical expertise to produce lower-risk products and have committed to remove 1bn units of alcohol sold annually from the market by December 2015 principally through improving consumer choice of lower alcohol products.

Through RDAN a new pledge has been agreed to fund a new independent charity that will help children and young people acquire the life skills they need to navigate safely a world of mixed messages about alcohol and other risks.   Funding is initially being provided by the alcohol industry, but it is a pledge that should appeal to all sectors of industry and we anticipate that funding will grow over time.

An initial commitment of £250,000 start-up funds has been made with further funding to be dependent on evaluation of programme delivery demonstrating they are effective.

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