Governance Documents

As a Registered Charity and a Limited Company, LEAF is governed by both Charity and Company Law.

The Lifeskills Education and Alcohol Foundation (LEAF) was established as a company – registered company number 8900904 – on 18th February 2014 and registered as a charity (no. 1158161) on 7th August 2014.

The charity’s governing document – Memorandum and Articles of Association  – sets out the rules, powers and limits to what the organisation can do and how it must operate. This has been developed in consultation with the specialist charity lawyers, Bates Wells and Braithwaite who have incorporated our requirements for the organisation into the document.

In addition to our Articles of Association, the Trustees have set out their understanding of LEAF’s work and how the organisation will operate in a Trustee Policy which was adopted at their inaugural meeting in June 2014. You can read the Trustee policy and declarations of interest here.

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