How We Work

LEAF has been set up with a very specific and focused remit in order to achieve our charitable aims.

We assist the funding and delivery of evidence-based lifeskills and alcohol education programmes in schools, within Key Stages 1-4. We do not support work outside of schools or with children and young people outside statutory school age. We prioritise work in areas that are disproportionately affected by alcohol harm.

In order to ensure the programmes we select to support are based on the most robust evidence of what works, we only support programmes that are rated 5/6 by the Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions (CAYT) and have an impact score of 2 or more. You can find out more about CAYT and their ratings here.

There will be no influence of what the charity does from those who fund LEAF and decisions taken by trustees on the selection and delivery of programmes are taken on the basis of available evidence of impact.

The trustees have decided that the most efficient means of delivering programmes that LEAF supports is to appoint a Managing Agent, through a competitive process. Trustees determine the funding allocation to be provided to the Managing Agent and the programmes which we will support. You can read more about the Managing Agent’s role here.

Implementation Partners, who will be commissioned to deliver specific CAYT rated programmes will be selected and the Managing Agent will oversee the delivery of these programmes on behalf of LEAF. You can read more about the role of Implementation Partners here.

The trustees will receive reports on the implementation and delivery of programmes from the Managing Agent and will, from time to time, commission research and evaluation of activity it supports. This information, along with advice on options and approach will be used to determine the charity’s strategy and future direction to ensure an appropriate and effective delivery system is put in place.

The Foundation will receive funding from a range of sources, including, but not limited to the alcohol industry, for the sole and exclusive purpose of supporting evidence-based alcohol prevention and lifeskills education programmes in schools in England.

Through the Public Health Responsibility Deal alcohol network, companies have committed to financially support the foundation. Additional companies and organisations can commit to support the foundation through the Public Health Responsibility Deal. If you wish to support LEAF’s work please Contact Us.

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