Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners will be responsible for delivering alcohol prevention and lifeskills education activity in schools. Implementation Partners will be decided by the Trustees, with advice from the Managing Agent.  The Managing Agent will provide funding to Implementation Partners to deliver CAYT specified programmes in schools.

Implementation Partners will be required to report regularly on progress and account for expenditure to the Managing Agent.

LEAF Applications (Round 1) awarded
Organisation Project Summary Geographical Area(s) CAYT Prog Grant Awared
Mentor UK Foundation Mentor will deliver ‘EU-DAP – Unplugged’ across 9 secondary schools and one PRU (Pupil Referral Unit). The Unplugged programme is designed to equip adolescents with knowledge about the health consequences of drugs and to promote the specific  skills that are needed to resist potentially damaging social influences. The programme focuses on the development of core life skills: critical thinking, decision-making, creative thinking, effective communication, relationship skills, self-awareness, empathy, and coping with emotions. In addition, the programme aims to correct perceived social norms about the prevalence and acceptability of drug use among young people. Unplugged has already been trialled extensively across seven European countries, including one in Sweden by Mentor UK, funded by the IKEA Foundation (Faggiano et al., 2008; 2010. EU-Dap study). Blackpool and Salford ‘EU-DAP – Unplugged’ £49,999
The Alcohol Education Trust Drawing on the proven elements of SHARHP, EUDAP Unplugged and social norms based life skills programmes which showed good evidence of effectiveness in non UK settings, the AET Trustees (all teachers and PSHE specialists, together with a peer review groups of 40 head teachers, medics, school nurses, PSHE leads and specialists) created, piloted and trialled the ‘talk about alcohol’ programme. As such The Alcohol Education Trust are the programme developer and deliverer. Please note the programme has been further enhanced post evaluation with NFER with resources for SEND, training for teachers and an enhanced parental engagement element. Isle of Wight, St Helens and Burnley. East Tyneside will be held in reserve Talk about Alcohol £41,500
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