Managing Agent

Each year LEAF makes a sum of money available to the managing agent and they identify lifeskills programmes for funding. Funds are only made available for suitable CAYT registered activities for school children in England. These programmes will be delivered by Implementation Partners – those groups undertaking the frontline delivery of Lifeskills work.

As well as overseeing operational work, the managing agent reports progress to trustees on a regular basis.


LEAF’s trustees are currently in the process of appointing the first managing agent ready to begin work later in the year.

The MA will be responsible for:

  • Managing the delivery of programmes determined by the trustees;
  • Work with the implementation partners specified by the trustees, and provide funding and any additional support as agreed by the trustees to enable them to deliver programmes;
  • Producing implementation statements, reporting to trustees on progress made;
  • Produce risk assessments for trustees on any identified and emerging risks and risk management plans to mitigate against them;
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of programmes against agreed outcomes;
  • Account for the expenditure of funds – both those expended directly and those expended by implementation partners – to satisfy regulatory requirements of the Charity on financial reporting.

Details of the Managing Agent will be published once we have concluded the appointment process.

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