What is CAYT

CAYT – the Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions – was set up to provide robust evidence on the transition experiences of children and young people, and to help inform key government policies in education and training. CAYT seeks to improve our understanding of the journey between childhood and adulthood and how it is changing over time. CAYT is a collaboration between researchers from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Institute of Education and the National Centre for Social Research. The Centre’s work is funded by the Department for Education.

More information about CAYT and its work is available here.

CAYT provides robust and independent evaluation of the effectiveness of different approaches and interventions to support young people’s transition to adulthood.

LEAF will only support evidenced-based programmes that are Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions (CAYT) repository rated 5/6 and with an impact of 2 or more. Only the CAYT repository ratings will be used to determine the selection of evidenced-based programmes.

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